The Cornforth Families of Hawnby and Danby, North Yorkshire

John Jansen.John married Barbra McManus (twin niece of Frances).

Barbra McManus (twin niece of Frances) [Parents].Barbra married John Jansen.

Edward Stoller.Edward married Beverly McManus (twin niece of Frances).

Beverly McManus (twin niece of Frances) [Parents].Beverly married Edward Stoller.

Mark Edward Merkelis [Parents] was born on 1 Jul 1950. He married Nanette Rubenstein.

Nanette Rubenstein.Nanette married Mark Edward Merkelis.

Ernest Michael Merkelis [Parents] was born on 6 Nov 1951. He married Janice Ann Balough.

Janice Ann Balough.Janice married Ernest Michael Merkelis.

John Daniel Merkelis [Parents] was born on 28 Nov 1956. He married Mother Church.

Mother Church.Mother married John Daniel Merkelis.

Thomas Eugene Merkelis [Parents] was born on 20 Oct 1956. He married Mary Jean Froida.

Mary Jean Froida.Mary married Thomas Eugene Merkelis.

Kenneth G. Kot.Kenneth married Mary Lou Merkelis.

Mary Lou Merkelis [Parents] was born on 11 Jun 1962. She married Kenneth G. Kot.

Franz Kies.Franz married Marie Antoinette Minny Kies.

Marie Antoinette Minny Kies was born in Johannesburg, SA. She married Franz Kies.

Other marriages:
Hansell, Dennis Richard

They had the following children:

  M i Fanz Kies/ , Jr. , Jr..
  F ii Amadea Kies.

Fred Phillips.Fred married Ellen Rebecca Hansell on 17 Nov 1864.

Ellen Rebecca Hansell [Parents] was born on 7 Feb 1842. She died on 4 Apr 1904. She married Fred Phillips on 17 Nov 1864.

They had the following children:

  F i Adda Phillips was born on 8 Nov 1865.
  F ii Jennie F. Phillips was born on 11 Nov 1869.
  M iii Harry V. Phillips was born on 10 Sep 1872.
  F iv Mary B. Phillips was born on 22 Sep 1874.
  F v Susie E. Phillips was born on 28 Aug 1877.
  F vi Nellie E. Phillips was born on 17 Dec 1879.

John Bland.John married Mary Catherine Hansell on 19 Feb 1871.

Mary Catherine Hansell [Parents] was born on 9 Apr 1844. She died on 14 Nov 1901. She married John Bland on 19 Feb 1871.

They had the following children:

  F i Susan E. Bland was born on 2 Feb 1872.
  M ii Thomas H. Bland was born on 5 Nov 1873.
  F iii Blanche Bland was born on 12 Oct 1875.
  M iv Luke Francis Bland was born on 25 Feb 1877.
  M v Ralph C. Bland was born on 17 Apr 1879.
  M vi William John Bland was born on 7 Jun 1881.
  M vii Melvin Ewbank Bland was born on 13 Apr 1884.

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