The Cornforth Families of Hawnby and Danby, North Yorkshire

J. Leng.J. married Doris Noble.

Doris Noble [Parents].Doris married J. Leng.

Stan Ransome.Stan married Elsie Noble.

Elsie Noble [Parents].Elsie married Stan Ransome.

John Trousdale.John married Sarah Noble.

Sarah Noble [Parents].Sarah married John Trousdale.

Eric R. Bentley.Eric married Hilda Noble.

Hilda Noble [Parents].Hilda married Eric R. Bentley.

Ernest W.Bell.Ernest married Christiana Noble.

Christiana Noble [Parents].Christiana married Ernest W.Bell.

Mr Wetherill.Mr married Laura Noble.

Laura Noble [Parents].Laura married Mr Wetherill.

John.W. Noble [Parents].John.W. married Miss Ruddick.

Miss Ruddick.Miss married John.W. Noble.

Thomas Prest. Thomas was employed as in 1888 in A farmer at time of John's marriage.

He had the following children:

  M i John Thomas Prest was born in 1858.

Frank Prest [Parents] was born in 1892 in Old Byland. He was christened on 19 Jun 1892 in Old Byland. He married Hilda Whitely. Frank resided in Whitby. He was employed as in 1931/1937 in Farmer at Reins Farm, Old Byland.

Hilda Whitely.Hilda married Frank Prest.

They had the following children:

  F i Mary Prest. Mary was employed as in Nurse near London.
  M ii Desmond Prest died in Young and Unmarried.
  M iii Gerald Prest was born on 5 Apr 1931 in Old Byland. He was christened on 7 Jul 1931 in Old Byland.
  F iv Eileen Prest.
  M v Brian Prest was born on 24 Mar 1937 in Old Byland. He was christened on 16 May 1937 in Old Byland.

Gordon Prest [Parents].

He had the following children:

  F i 1 daughter Prest. 1 daughter Prest resided in Lived at Rigdale Lodge, Cold camb.
  M ii 2 sons Prest.

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